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A Biblically based school that teaches the heart of God concerning todays prophetic ministry...


"Luke Holter is a man grounded in the Word of God, and is one of the prophetic voices we've been calling forth"


-Bobby Conner

Eagle View Ministries


"Luke has a heart to see people understand that they can hear the Father. His heart is big concerning ministry and Luke is a very profound and accurate Prophet. I am so excited to see what God will continue to do with this much needed ministry!"

                                          - Stacey Campbell,

                                           Apostolic Council

                                         of Prophetic Elders

"I Love Luke & Grace Holter's hearts to minister to others. They are a loving couple and I strongly recommend this ministry!"

Patricia King
XP Media

"Dr. Luke's ministry is anointed, encouraging, and insightful. I appreciate Luke's heart for ministry, his humility, and his desire to be used by God."  

-Alton Garrison

Assistant Superintendent

of the Assemblies of God

Dr. Luke Holter is the senior director of Prophetic Sheep Ministries and the founder of The Samuel Company, which aims to establish a healthy prophetic voice in the Church by raising up prophetic voices through education, relationship and accountability.


"Luke's unique perspective is a bright shining light illuminating with clarity. I love watching friends of God emerge and take their place in the Kingdom, and that is exactly what God is doing with Luke. He has been hearing the Lord very clearly."

Shawn Bolz, Senior Pastor
Expression58 Ministries
"Luke has an anointing to guide and equip leaders in the Church. He is a Prophet called to raise up a prophetic culture in these times. It is with great pleasure that we are his covering..."

Bishop Bill Hamon
Christian International Ministries
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