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Establishing Prophetic Community:

We here at The Samuel Company had a passion to realign the Church with Biblical foundational truths related to creating, maintaining, and growing prophetic culture. 

We wanted to do something a little different then what we are seeing though other prophetic ministries. We here at The Samuel Company felt that there was a greater unmet need to be met in prophetic training. Rather than host a conference for a weekend where individuals are equipped and sent home to walk out what they learned, we thought "why not help a pastor and the entirety of Church culture by raising up teams within the Church itself? 


  • Monthly Conference Call

  • Development of team 

  • Team Reproduction 

  • Discounts on attendance to The Samuel Conference 

  • Through a seal of approval certificate we acknowledge the Church or Ministry as an ordained partner and they get the benefit of belonging to a well establish prophetic ministry and community.


  • The Church of Ministry must bring Dr. Luke Holter in to teach The Samuel Institute (separate cost) to help build the prophetic teams at the Church or Ministry. This includes having Dr. Luke speak on a Sunday morning as well to begin to develop a personal relationship with the Church or Ministry community.

  • Dr. Luke must be brought in a second time later in the year to assess the prophetic team and handle any issues, recognitions, or correction. The Church or Ministry is required on both visits to pay all travel expenses along with an honorarium.

  • All decisions made concerning the prophetic team must be made between the senior pastor and The Samuel Company. We are here to support, empower, and honor the local Church government. 

Dr. Luke Holter

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