The Samuel Institute is a healthy, balanced, and powerful ministry school that is molded to your Church or Ministries specific needs. The courses we teach can range from a one day multi-session intensive to a week long in-depth class. If you wish to have the Samuel Company provide prophetic covering and ordination for your organization you must first host The Samuel Institute. After you host our ministry school we then discuss the process of providing ongoing education and accountability under our non-profit. 



We will be focusing on the different aspects of biblical theology and prophecy. Each series we will discuss a new topic ranging from "discerning the spirits" to "How does God sound?"

Samuel Institute is a ministry school that is established on relationship, accountability & good reputation. We look forward to serving you here at the Samuel Institute

The Samuel Institute is an 18 credit course study on the history of the prophetic as well as its place in our culture today.

The Tuition for the private online school is $480


This is a ministry certification in the field of Prophetic Ministry. Your certification will confirm that you have completed the coursework and that you are recognized as a healthy prophetic voice to the Church.